Quince Is A Real Vitamin Bomb, Created As A Strong Medicine For These Diseases

Immediately after wards, the quince cheese is placed in a pan that fits, a shallow glass dish or a larger dish.

When it cools, you need to cut it in cubes, to sprinkle powdered sugar and leave to stand in a dark, dry place.

This cheese is a strong source of energy and can be taken as a remedy for improving digestion. It is only not recommended for diabetics and obese people.

Quince fruit tea

To prepare tea from the fruit of the quince, wash the fruit well, clean it and cut it into 4 parts. Remove the seeds and the hard part around them, and cut the flesh into pieces and immediately place them in a liter of water, in order not to change their color.

Cook over low heat 15 to 20 minutes, then, leave it to cool. Strain and drink it throughout the day. The tea has positive effects in case of breathing difficulties, it soothes coughs, colds and relieves symptoms of bronchitis.

For wrinkles and cracked lips

For a face without wrinkles and beautifully groomed lips, the folk medicine recommends the use of quince seeds.

This treatment is done as follows: chop a spoonful of seeds finely and then put them in a bowl and cover them with two teaspoons of boiling water.

The well- mixed mixture should stand for 10 minutes and then smear it on your cracked lips and face area with prominent wrinkles. To achieve the best effect, this treatment must be done regular and for a longer period of time.

You can also prepare a quince lotion for wrinkles as well. You need to store 200 grams of quince peel in 3 deciliters of stronger brandy, preferably marc, for 3 weeks.

After that, strain the brandy, pour it in 3 bottles and hermetically close them. Apply the lotion on the wrinkle area twice a day.



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