Purify Air, Remove Mold And Boost Oxygen Supply With These 5 Insomnia-Curing Plants

Everyone that feels fatigued and disoriented, with distant and foggy thoughts, looks at coffee as the best solution that will help to finish the daily activities.

It is estimated that 60% of adults feel tired all the time. Coffee can only mask your symptoms and give an instant energy boost. However, later, the constant tiredness will lead to other health problems and complications. Hence, it is very important to address this problem and solve it once for all.

Fortunately, we have an easy and simple way to win this battle! Just place a certain plant in your house, near your bed, and you will have the best night sleep ever!

Health Benefits of Bringing plants into your house:

  • Reduced stress
  • Improved sleep
  • Boosted mood
  • Less anxiety
  • Headache relief
  • Cleaner air
  • Improved brain function
  • Cold/illness prevention

Indoor plants can eliminate toxins from the environment. Considering the fact that most people spend a lot of time at their home, having indoor plants is essential for both physical and mental health. So, find out more which plants are the best for you!

  1. Snake plant: Prevent headaches

This plant is great for interior decorating and it is easy to keep alive. It has been shown that snake plant can filter the oxygen, thus improve air quality and the overall atmosphere of your home. According to some studies, this plant can prevent eye irritation, headaches, respiratory symptoms, and improve productivity levels.

  1. English ivy plant: Reduce mold count

People who suffer from asthma or breathing problems at night are highly recommended to have this plant in their room. It has been shown that English ivy can reduce airborne mold by 94%. It is well-known that the contaminants in the air contribute to allergies, asthma and breathing problems, so having this plant in your home can significantly improve your sleep.

  1. Lavender plant: Reduce anxiety and stress

A commonly used essential oil, lavender not only smells great, but can also reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, calm restless babies, and slow heart rate.

  1. Jasmine plant: Helps promote sleep quality

Even though commonly found outdoors, jasmine can live indoors as well. It has been shown that this plant emits scents that can improve your sleep and increase your levels of alertness.

  1. Aloe vera plant: Improve overall air quality

Aloe Vera offers a long list of health benefits. The best part is that you can easily keep it alive. It treats insomnia and improves the quality of your sleep by emitting oxygen while you sleep. Known as the ‘plant of immortality, Aloe Vera is easily reproduced. So, keep it in your home and obtain all of its benefits.

Having a clean air in your home is very important for your sleep and your overall health. Choose your favorite plant and enjoy its effects!

Source: Best Healthy Guide


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