Propolis Destroys Candida Albicans In Just 8 Seconds!

It has been proven in laboratory conditions that purified propolis destroys Candida albicans in just eight seconds.
To combat fungal infections it is recommended to take vitamin C, at least three times daily per 1gr, always in combination with lyophilised royal jelly.propolis-destroys-candida-albicans-in-just-8-seconds

Moreover, it is recommended that one consumes garlic on a daily basis, vitamin from B group and essential fatty acids from unheated flax seed oil.

Furthermore, it is also helpful to regularly drink freshly squeezed vegetable juices before each meal. Besides sugars, from the diet should be also discarded fermented and carbonated drinks. The diet should be according to blood groups. To protect themselves against fungal infection, except hygiene, women should avoid stressful situations, wear cotton underwear, and should not wear tight clothing.

Fresh juices against neurosis, neuralgia and Candida:

Needed ingredients:

  • Carrots 289gr, 170gr spinach. Drain the vegetables. Drink one cup of the juice three times daily before meals.
  • A mixture of 255gr carrot juice  and 200gr celery juice. Drink one cup three times a day, before meals.
  • A mixture of 200g carrot juice, 110 g celery juice, 60g parsley juice and 90g spinach juice. Drink one cup, 3 times a day before meals.


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