Prevention: Analyze Your Moles At Home

Scientific statistics show that an adult has an average of 10-40 moles. People who have more than 50 moles are at higher risk of developing melanoma.prevention-analyze-your-moles-at-home

Although most of them are harmless, some can indicate cancer. Analyze your moles:

Moles which are generally benign:

  • Have a diameter less than 5 mm
  • Have a round shape or form of a bowl
  • They are symmetrical
  • Have uniform color
  • Do not change over time

Moles that should be checked:

  • Larger than a pencil eraser
  • They are rough, hard and / or raised
  • Have uneven edges
  • Have uneven color

If these start to itch, bleed or emit lymph, you must contact a dermatologist (and always when a change occurs).


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