Potato Juice Against Many Disease

Potatoes have strong healing properties and people have used them for hundreds of years. Potato juice is especially effective in the treatment of many diseases.potato-juice-against-many-disease

How to make potato juice?

Wash your potatoes and remove any green parts from the skin. Juice the potato and in less than a minute you will have a glass full of health. Instead of using a juicer, you can shred the potato and squeeze it through a linen cloth. Always drink it fresh. Add apple, lemon, or carrot juice and maybe even honey to improve its taste.

Health benefits

Gastritis -- Dissolve a tablespoon of potato juice in some water and drink it half an hour before your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Stomach ulcer -- Drink 50ml of potato juice in the morning, before you eat or drink anything, and 50 ml before your lunch and dinner.

Blood sugar -- Drink potato juice every day.

Lung diseases -- Drink potato juice every day.

Cancer -- Potato juice is part of Breuss cancer therapy.

Spleen andliver diseases, cardiac disease, frequent headaches and menstrual pain -- Drink potato juice every day


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