One Cheap Ingredient Can Protect You From Alzheimer’s

Most doctors you will consult will tell you there is no treatment nor cure for Alzheimer’s. When her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the young age of 51, Dr. Mary Newport was determined to disagree. She set to work researching the disease and understanding why it happens and how it can be

The situation was getting worse, her husband’s traditional medication was not working to slow the disease, it was progressing rapidly, what was even more threatening. After a short period of time, he wasn’t even able to tie his shoes anymore. So Dr. Newport tried something that was, in a way, out of desperation:

Coconut oil!

She started the treatment by giving four teaspoons daily to her husband and noticed results immediately. He became more mentally agile and was able to read again, have conversations, and tie his shoes again. Mary had her husband back.  However, Mary, being a doctor and knowing that one instance of Alzheimer’s being treated makes not a cure for the disease, she decided to quantify her findings with more in-depth research. Her next step has been to apply for funding for investigating her discovery further on.

After some time, she succeeded to get the approval she needed and all the requirements for her investigation, and started to study 65 individuals with early onset to moderate Alzheimer’s. She’s studying how coconut oil affects the ability of Alzheimer’s sufferers to continue to function at some higher level.

Alzheimer’s has been called type 3 diabetes. To function normally, the human brain needs fat and glucose, which serve as its fuel. Studies have shown that low carb and fat diets, for example, can impact brain function negatively. So this is where coconut oil can enter the game.

Coconut oil is rich in ketones, which are a molecule used by the brain for energy when there isn’t enough glucose around. This is how coconut oil helped her husband, believes Dr. Newport. Instead of glucose and fats for food, in their absence, his brain was benefiting from the added ketones, which filled in some of the blanks for energy.

We’re eager to hear about the results, since, undoubtedly, this is really exciting research. However, in the meantime, unless you or your family member is allergic to coconuts, coconut oil is something that definitely couldn’t hurt to add to your diet, in contrast, offers numerous benefits, especially if you have early onset Alzheimer’s.


Source: Healthy Food House


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