Nettle – Herb With Great Healing Properties That Will Amaze You

Nettle contains many flavonoids, sterols and other ingredients that have a very positive impact on the entire organism.nettle-herb-with-great-healing-properties-that-will-amaze-you

Nettle contains a significant amount of chlorophyll, mineral salts (calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron), vitamin C, provitamin A. It is applied to increase the level of iron in cases of anemia, because it contributes to the creation of a large number of red blood cells.

Nettle improves urination, reduces rheumatic pains and stimulates the secretion of milk during the breastfeeding period.

Besides its usage in health purposes, nettle is widely used in cosmetics. Extract of nettle root is located in a great part of the products that are used against hair loss.

Unfortunately, nettle is very rare part of our daily menu, although it is a very tasty product that can be prepared in the same way as spinach. Nettle can be prepared in many ways, and can be combined with every single vegetable.

Nettle pie is one of the most delicious specialties, while its soup is well known in whole Europe and it is often the only meal where nettle plays a major role.

Except as a part of the ingredients in healthy meals, a bunch of young nettle leaves can be boiled 15 minutes in a liter of water, then strained and can be drunk throughout the day. This nettle tea, which can contribute to a general improvement of the condition of the whole organism, is recommended to be consumed regularly at least one month.

Side effects of regular consumption of nettle are not observed, if prepared products are regularly applied in the prescribed daily dose. However, since moderation is the key in all, you have to be careful because high doses can cause redness of the skin and constipation.

Nettle is forbidden to be used uncooked because it can damage the kidneys. Given the fact that nettle contributes to the increased secretion of urine, its frequent application can lead to potassium loss, so consumption of foods rich in this mineral is advisable.

Source: Healthy Food House



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