Natural Remedies For Dealing With Symptoms Of Depression, Stress And Anxiety

The emotional and physical symptoms such as sadness, emptiness, apathy, feeling of guilt, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, muscle tension, headaches, etc. are some of the symptoms of depression- one of the most common diseases of the modern era.natural-remedies-for-dealing-with-symptoms-of-depression-stress-and-anxiety

Due to the accelerated life tempo and frequent exposure to stressful situations, many people from time to time experience the aforementioned symptoms.

The Impact of emotions on the brain

We present the eight most commonly used herbal antidepressants that enhance mood, strengthen the nervous system and contribute to the overall vitality of the body.

Besides the drugs that doctors prescribe, one can alleviate depression with the use of valerian, hops and lavender. However, they should not be used at the same time because it can cause some side effects.

  1. St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort, or maiden grass, is put on the pedestal by herbalists, when it comes to herbal medicines to treat depression. The composition of this herb contains the active components hyperforin and hypericin, who possess an antidepressant effect, simultaneously with certain synthetic antidepressants. With regular and proper use of a preparation of this herb one will encourage the activity of serotonin and norepinephrine, which are substances in the brain responsible for good mood. It is most commonly used in the form of a tea, a tincture or as oil, and the beneficial effects are seen in two-three weeks of continuous use.

  1. Rhodiola- best natural adaptogen

Through Rhodiola, Mother Nature gives us a hand to rescue. Known as the “golden root”, it is a specific herb for the Arctic and Alpine regions which has been used for centuries as a means of recovery, stimulating the nervous system, reducing depression and fatigue and preventing other diseases. Rhodiola is a powerful adaptogen of invaluable significance – it has the ability to increase the capacity of the body to adapt to stressful influences which constantly attack the body and spirit, and helps to re-establish balance in the body, without affecting the normal functions.


  • Physical performance -- physical stamina and recovery

Rhodiola has been a major factor of physical, mental and psychological endurance for Soviet astronauts and Olympic champions, as well as for the highest state officials. It is of great benefit to all those who have physical and mental hard work and for people with low energy level.

  • Mental performance -- clearness of thought and memory

It improves basic intellectual abilities. It is amazing for those who do not want to lose part of their mental ability as a consequence of aging.

  • Emotional health -- a change of mood, depression, insomnia, sexual health

Insomnia is tightly linked with stress and mood leading to impairment of the quality of life, working capacity and immunity. It eliminates depressive symptoms (raises the level of serotonin in the brain) and strengthens the sexual energy.

  • Cardiovascular disease, arrhythmia, hypertension

The health and function of the heart are closely related to stress. Rhodiola saves the cardiac system and protects against diseases of the cardiovascular system, especially when taken in combination with CoQ10.

  • Immune System -- immunodeficiency, autoimmune diseases, cancer

Stress has immune -suppressive activity of T-cells and NK cells are very important in the destruction of cancerous cells. It has immune stimulating, antioxidant and anticancer activity.

  • Diabetes and obesity caused by stress

There is a causal link between the subsequent three factors -- stress, diabetes and obesity that become global problems.

  • Amenorrhea and infertility

For regular menstrual cycles and against amenorrhea (lack of menstrual cycle in women, and its most common causes are emotional stress, disease, oral contraceptives or excessive physical efforts).

  1. Melissa

Lemon balm, melissa or lemon grass is one of the most commonly used drugs in cases of psychological problems. Phytotherapeutists especially emphasize the beneficial effects of the balm tea in the case of depression, anxiety, tension, insomnia, headache, vomiting and irregular menstruation caused by stress. The best effect is achieved when using the fresh herb that may be combined with other medicinal herbs with similar effects, such as lavender, valerian and chamomile. 


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