Natural Cancer Killer – Graviola: 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy

Imagine that someone told you that his doctors prescribed him a medicine against colon cancer, labeled- with an extract of graviola.natural-cancer-killer-graviola-10000-times-stronger-than-chemotherapy

Of course you would not believe him, since it cannot happen in conventional medicine. But it should, because the study conducted in 1996 proves that graviola ingredients (Annona muricata) are even 10.000 times more effective than pharmaceutical drugs.

The study was conducted on a graviola seed where the fractionation obtained compounds, one of which, (cis- annonacin), had a selective cytotoxic activity on cancer cells of the colon, and it was 10,000 times stronger than the pharmaceutical drug adriamycin.

Adriamycin is the trading name of doxorubucin and is known by the nickname “red devil” because of the intense red color and the terrible side effects, including life-threatening or even fatal ones in damaging the cardiovascular system. Its lack of “selective cytotoxicity” -- the ability to destroy only cancer cells, but not the healthy ones- is what makes adramycinot so dangerous.

However, it is the first choice in the treatment of various cancer types for nearly half a century.
The published study shows 10,000 times stronger efficiency of the graviola seed than the pharmaceutical cures for cancer.

From these staggering results of 1996 onwards, little research has been done on the effect of the graviola against cancer. There is a study from 1999, which showed the effectiveness of graviola leaves against prostate and pancreas cancer, as well as another from 2002 that shows anti-tumor activity in liver cancer, but none of these studies have been promising as that of 1996.

Then, in 2011, a study was published which revealed the promising research on the impact of graviola against breast cancer. The researchers found that the extract from the graviola fruit suppresses the expression of oncogenes (genes that cause cancer) in cellular and animal models of breast cancer.

Oncogene known as a receptor of the epidermal growth factor (EGFR) is usually too expressed in breast cancer and its over- expression is associated with bad prognosis and drug resistance, making it an ideal target for the development of therapies.
In this study, mice that received 200mg extract of graviola per kilogram of food in their diet for five weeks had a significant reduction in protein expression in breast cancer. Overall, this fruit extract is able to reduce tumor growth by 32%, which means it can have a protective effect against EFRG in breast cancer.

In general, studies conducted in animal and human models to confirm this study are missing, so we will live in the hope that they will be implemented. Until then, we believe in the power of nature that is proven. For example, this plant that grows in South and Central America is known for its healing properties for more than three thousand years.

Traditionally, its fruit, leaves, bark and roots are used as sedatives in folk medicine and Indian and South American healers used them to treat liver disease, asthma, heart problems, arthritis and to eliminate parasites.
Today it is used in Guyana, where the leaves are used as a sedative and as a tonic for the heart. Brazilians drink graviola tea to get rid of the problems with the liver and rub with oil from its seeds to get rid of arthritis and rheumatic diseases.

In Jamaica and Western India graviola fruit is consumed to reduce fever, and to treat diarrhea.
There are more than two thousand varieties of these plants worldwide, many of them can provide useful sources of additional drugs to humanity. We hope that further research will enable this plant to get its rightful place in modern science.


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