MUDRA- Learn And Use These Mystical Positions Of The Hands And Stay Healthy And Happy

Mudra is the special position of the fingers and hands, which is used to establish an internal balance and healing.mudra-learn-and-use-these-mystical-positions-of-the-hands-and-stay-healthy-and-happy

The word Mudra is translated from Sanskrit as a gift of joy (Mud -- joy and ra -- a gift). Mudra in Sanskrit means “a compound” and “flow”, which refers to the free flow of energy needed for internal balance and health. Mudra is in fact a series of symbols or positions that serve to restore body energy and obtain optimal health.

It is found in various religious practices such as Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as in countries with rich cultural traditions, such as India, Japan, China, Tibet and Indonesia, as well as the Egyptian culture and Christianity.

Mudra- The language of wisdom

Mudra can be regarded as a silent language – a system of gestures which aim to ensure the free flow of body energy through the energy channels of the body. During the performance of a certain Mudra, the brain, through the nerve endings in the fingers, receives a unique message and then acts according to it. In this way, the body communicates with the mind in order to establish a natural balance. For this reason, the Mudra practices are attributed to a great number of therapeutic and medicinal properties.

This method can help you strengthen your immunity, improve mood, to provide healthy sleep, to compensate lost energy, to increase concentration, to effectively get rid of physical or psychological pain, and it has many other uses as well. The performance of certain gestures can help a lot in treating certain conditions.

Mudra -- Healing power

The numerous testimonies of the beneficial impact of Mudra on health are often attributed to the placebo effect, but it is not true.

One research related to the brain, whose results were published in the Journal of the American Academy of Sciences in November 2009, showed that during the execution of certain Mudras, certain centers in the brain are activated.

Accordingly, many skeptics who have tried to use this system, and did not believe in its efficiency at all, were eventually persuaded in the opposite.

Apart from injuries and diseases that require surgery, Mudra can treat the majority of the most common diseases.

How to perform it?

You can do the Mudra positions sitting, standing or lying anywhere and whenever circumstances allow you, for example, even while watching TV, even when not alone, on the beach or during a walk. The lying position is particularly good for people who due to an illness or surgery cannot get up from the bed.

However, the relaxation in peace and quiet in itself contributes greatly to improving and healing, so when you sit down in a comfortable position or take a position for meditation, do the chosen Mudra by supporting your arms on the thighs.

You do not have to strongly press your fingers -- a slight touch would be quite sufficient. Perform the Mudra positions with both hands simultaneously. Depending on the disease or health issue, spend 3 to 45 minutes in the chosen Mudra. When doing this practices, it is is advisable to rely on your internal feeling.

Sometimes only a few minutes can be enough for you to feel improvement, sometimes you will need to be more persistent. In general, as in the treatment of any other treatment, lighter and shorter symptoms require a daily treatment, as opposed to more serious disorders and diseases, which should be treated for 45 minutes.

Depending on the health issue, the improvement or treatment will give results in one week to one month. Best results are achieved by conducting one 45- minute treatment, but if you do not have time or patience, perform the Mudras for 5, 10 or 15 minutes, several times a day, up to a total duration of 45 minutes.

If you want, you can do them longer, which would speed up the result, unless it is instructed to perform them 45 minutes maximum in the day. If you want or it is needed, you can perform a few Mudras during the day. 


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