Mix Salt And Sugar Before Bedtime: The Effect Is Amazing

The idea of ​​mixing the sugar and salt may seem strange, but if you are one of those who suffer from insomnia you will soon realize that the idea is not so bad.mix-salt-and-sugar-before-bedtime-the-effect-is-amazing

Drinking a mixture of salt and sugar will quickly turn into a habit.

We know well that salt and sugar if consumed in large quantities is harmful to health, but there a “positive side when it comes to their combination and moderate consumption” -- explains Matt Stone, an American scientist who has published several books on nutrition and metabolism .

The positive benefits of this mixture are: relief from headaches and insomnia, improvement of immunity, enhancement of the level of energy and the level of serotonin and electrons.

  1. What is the secret?

Sugar acts as a “battery” to cells because glucose is a reliable supply of energy in the mitochondria. Sodium salt allows proper cell respiration and energy production.

In addition, both spices are powerful tools to combat stress that damages your metabolism.

Therefore, if you are one of those who stay awake until late hours and cannot close your eyes and fall asleep, the combination of salt and sugar is ideal for you.

  1. How to prepare the mixture?

The ratio of salt and the sugar should be 1: 5.

It is best to use unrefined sea salt and brown sugar.

Mix 5 tablespoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt and place the mixture in a previously sterilized jar. Before going to bed or during the night, take a fraction of the mixture with your finger and place it under the tongue.

Leave it to slowly dissolve.

Source: Healthy Food House


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