Mix Horseradish And Apple Cider Vinegar And You Get The Most Powerful Remedy For Sinus Ever

For many diseases, particularly for the chronic ones, natural remedies are the best treatment. They have no harmful effects, and are much cheaper.mix-horseradish-and-vinegar-and-you-get-the-most-powerful-remedy-for-sinus-ever

The first strong wind and cold days are the beginning of the suffering for those who have common inflammation of the sinuses.

Headaches are very common in sinusitis, which are not cured even by the strongest drugs. Therefore, it is better to turn to natural methods rather than chemical ones in order to relieve pain. The best ally in this fight is the horseradish.


It is recommended that you grate the fresh horseradish and pour apple cider vinegar over it. Put the mixture in half a liter bottle and close. Keep the mixture at room temperature with occasional stirring for ten days. After that time, inhale through the open neck of the bottle for five minutes several times a day.

Soak a piece of cloth in the same mixture and hold it on your forehead overnight. The treatment lasts for five days, which is enough for the hot and a strong smell of horseradish in apple cider vinegar to resolve the unpleasant headaches and sinusitis.

Another solution is to obtain 50g horseradish, to put it in five deciliters of water and boil. Then, put your head over the pot on the fire, cover with a towel and inhale the steam.


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