Lose Weight With This Remarkable Honey & Cinnamon Drink

We are all aware of the healing properties of both, honey and cinnamon. In addition, they have delicious taste and high nutritional value. These two beneficial ingredients should be part of everyone’s regular diet.lose-weight-with-this-remarkable-honey-cinnamon-drink

However, not all of you know that the combination of these two marvels of nature can also be your allies in war on weight. In conjunction with a proper diet plan and exercise program, the honey- cinnamon combination will do miracles for you! Read on to find out how you can achieve your goal!

This excellent combination for weight loss works in four ways:

  • When consumed in the morning, on an empty stomach, Ii promotes fat burning and increases the metabolic rate. Moreover, this drink will provide you with a a steady supply of energy.
  • This powerful mixture stops in-between meal nibbling and reduces unhealthy cravings, since you don’t experience the infamous sugar crash. Cinnamon actually reduces blood sugar levels, as shown in a research published in 2007 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. As sugar doesn’t build up in the blood, this characteristic supports weight-loss.
  • When this combination is taken before the exercise session, it will give you the energy boost needed to start and complete your workout. The effects of the exercises are also increased by the enhanced metabolic rate. Try to exercise on an empty stomach and abstain from eating for another 30 minutes (or more) after you’ve finished with the session. This helps you burn more calories, as the body doesn’t need to deal with digestion while working out.
  • In the evening, before bedtime, you can get through the night easier and get a good night’s sleep if you consume this drink.

 Honey and Cinnamon Weight Loss Drink Recipe

In a cup of hot water, add half a teaspoon of cinnamon (Ceylon cinnamon is the best). Let it cool down and add a teaspoon of raw, organic honey to the water mixture and stir. Cooling the water to a drinkable temperature will help raw honey not lose its nutritional value.


As explained above, the mixture can be drunk at different times of the day. For best effects, consider consuming it:

  • In the morning, about 20-30 minutes before having your breakfast.
  • Between meals, especially if you start feeling hungry and you experience food cravings. The mixture will lessen your appetite and also help you stay focused and alert throughout the day.
  • Before your aerobic workout, especially if you feel that your energy levels are low.
  • In the evening, so you will avoid night time cravings by drinking the honey and cinnamon mixture. It will also reduce hunger pangs by providing your stomach with some (healthy) substance to munch on.

A study published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition in 2009 explains that the combination is also suitable for diabetic patients in moderation and as part of their diabetes eating plan. Patients suffering from diabetes were given honey over a period of eight weeks.

Their cholesterol and triglycerides levels decreased and lost body weight more easily compared to the control group. In case you have certain doubts, consult your doctor before starting a diet or weight loss program.

Source: Healthy And Natural World


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