Just For You To Know: Most Of You Showered The Wrong Way All Their Life

The question, ‘Do you shower in the morning or in the evening?’, Most people respond that they have a shower at night. Although you are convinced that you are doing the right thing, just to know you are doing a big mistake, or at least that’s what doctors say so.just-for-you-to-know-most-of-you-showered-the-wrong-way-all-their-life

If you shower in the morning, the skin will soon renew its natural layer that is formed only in the morning, say dermatologists. They say that soap should not be used every day and recommend baths based on oils in combination with milk for skin care.

On the other hand, if you shower at night, it would be good to apply cream for your skin care. But if you think your partner would find you more attractive at night in bed if you are freshly bathed, perfumed, maybe you are wrong.

Doctors explain that pheromones that occur in order to attract partners are in fact removed by showering. To compensate for the lost, we must replace them with artificial flavors. These flavors may or may not have an effect on the partner.

However, doctors advise that proper hygiene is half health. They advise that you still need to shower more often, but above all, try to do it more often in the morning. This removes the layer of toxins out of the skin’s surface which can lead to some skin problems and unpleasant odors.

So, showering once a day is certainly quite good, and what is certainly not good is skipping this hygienic habit. But some statistics for the hygiene in Macedonia show unpleasant results– a little more than half of the people bathe regularly.


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