Just A Handful Of These Seeds Kill Cancer Cells Better Than Chemotherapy!

Golden and ripe with a luscious flavor and velvety surface, apricots are related to peaches, plums, and nectarines. They are a great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, and copper.

Can apricot seeds be used to kill cancer cells without having a damaging effect on the patient’s health and wealth? The most important ingredient contained in apricots is called laetrile or vitamin B 17.

Dr. Ernst Krebb is a biochemist which in 1952 proved that cancer is a metabolic reaction to a poor diet, and the nutrient deficiency can be the major cause for developing cancer. He made a research about a compound known as Amygdalin, which is found in more than 1200 edible plants. Apricot seed kernels are rich with Amygdalin and the essential enzymes.

The Hunzas were a primitive tribe known for consuming large amounts of apricot seed kernels which help them to have long and healthy life spans. And maybe it sounds unbelievable, but they had never suffered from cancer. Amygdalin is a nitriloside which is similar to the B complex structures. It was called B17 because by that time there had been isolated 16 types of B vitamins.

Dr. Krebb injected himself with laetrile to make sure that there will not be any side effects. He made further experiments to prove that laetrile can provide significant effects in the case of cancer.

It is impossible to patent laetrile because it is not chemically developed in a laboratory and is derived from a food substance in nature, which means that Big Pharma and the AMA can’t make a fortune from the substance. But, there are many cases in which cancer patients manage to cure themselves by chewing large amounts of the apricot seeds alone. The seeds are the bitter tasting kernels inside the pits.

 How Does It Work?

Amygdalin contains 4 substances: 2 of them are glucose, 1 is cyanide, and one is Benzaldehyde. Even though benzaldehyde and cyanide can be poisoned if released as pure molecules, when they bound to another molecule they can’t be harmful.

Rhodanese is an enzyme in normal cells which catches the free cyanide molecules and combine them with sulfur, in order to make them harmless. In this process, the cyanide is converted into cyanate -- a neutral substance which can easily pass through the urine, without harming the normal cells. But it is known that cancer cells aren’t normal. They contain beta-glucosidase, an enzyme that no other cells share, considered as “unlocking enzyme” for amygdalin molecules.

It creates a toxic synergy beyond the uncombined sum by releasing both the cyanide and benzaldehyde. Amygdalin or laetrile in combination with the unlocking enzymes in cancer cells and the protective enzymes in healthy cells can destroy cancer cells without destroying the healthy cells. But, chemotherapy kills an undetermined amount of cancer cells while killing many other cells and destroying the immune system of the person.

The pervasive chemo toxins reduce the patient’s general health so those cancer cells tend to return elsewhere. No more than 3% of those who undergo the AMA big three for curing cancer: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy make the 5-year cancer free mark. For someone who has cancer, it takes a considerable amount of B17 consumption on a daily basis which will make the amygdalin able to reach the cancer cells with beta-glucosidase, because the normal cells that contain rhodanese will neutralize some of the amygdalin molecules.

The practitioners who use laetrile have an 85% cure rate at cancer patients who didn’t undergo much the AMA big three, while patients who use laetrile therapy after the conventional medicine have a 15% recovery rate! A clinic in Mexico claims a 100% cure rate!

Laetrile Treatment

There are many successful cases in which people manage to cure cancer by using laetrile or apricot pit kernels. For prevention, it is recommended to take 5-7 on a daily basis. And for those who already suffer from cancer, 2-3 times that. Too many apricot pit kernels can create dizziness or nausea, so some laetrile therapists have patients who take vitamin B15 tablets and enzymes like pineapple’s bromelain and papaya’s papain. Even though there are no recorded disabilities or deaths caused by laetrile or apricot seeds, it is recommended to combine other alternative cancer therapies while using apricot pills or taking laetrile.

For example, along with the laetrile use, Gerson’s cancer cure therapy can be added which includes juicing protocol with the right type of juice and using coffee enemas to detox the liver. You will never go wrong with this healthy combination.

Source: Bare Natural Truth


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