It Is Possible To Get Flat Belly In A Few Days! See How

To have flatter belly, there is no need for you to starve, not even to be on a diet. You only need to change some of your habits and replace them with new ones,and within a few days you will notice a significant

Avoid salt

When adding more salt than usual, you temporarily hold water and fluids in the body, which can contribute to superior inertia and lead to bloating. Avoid salt, processed foods and spices based on salt. Moreover, you should avoid ready meals from the microwave oven because they are full of sodium. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in water.

Reduce the intake of carbohydrates

Avoid carbohydrates as baked goods and pasta. When you reduce their input in your daily meals, your body will begin to consume those quantities of carbohydrate it has and it will discard the accumulated fluid. Carbohydrates can be reduced by choosing something else for breakfast, eggs, sandwich with one slice of bread, turkey meat and cheese with low fat content.

Replace starch

Most foods that contain starch, such as potatoes, corn and pasta cause gas. Rice is the only starch that does not cause gas. Try brown rice which is richer in fiber than the white one.

Discard the milk from your diet

If you are tortured by gases, you feel slow and bloated, you may are lactose intolerant. This happens to people who have a problem to digest the milk sugar, which can result in the occurrence of cramps, gas, and even diarrhea. Try food that is not rich in lactose, such as hard cheese or yogurt products that do not contain lactose, as is the almond milk or rice milk. An alternative may be soy milk as well.

Avoid alcohol

Avoid alcohol at least for several days. Alcohol causes dehydration, which will slow down your body. If you have gone too far with alcohol during the weekend, start the next day with a large glass of water.

Be active every day

A study conducted by the University of Barcelona suggests that mild exercise relieves flatulence. It happens because the number of heart beats gets increased and breathing stimulates natural contractions of intestinal muscles, which helps to prevent constipation, buildup of gases and accelerates digestion. Therefore, whenever you have a chance, take a walk after meals.


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