It Is Not Salt, Neither Sugar, And Is The Worst White Poison That We Eat Every Day!

What you are seeing in the picture below is sodium glutamate E621. Do you have any idea what is it used for? This white thing is a common additive used by the most popular food companies. Restaurants use it to make the food they serve taste better.

E621 is a crystalline powder, and it is pretty similar to sugar and salt. Watery arrangement of E621 provides the essence of soup and meat. It goes well to any nourishment. What you do not know is that sodium glutamate triggers cravings, overeating and obesity.

The dangerous additive ends up in the blood stream and brain, and acts like a drug that mutates the genes responsible for the sense of taste.

Sodium glutamate is contained in sausages, salami, frankfurters, chips, prepared soups, canned food, beer and other similar foods. The upper limit regarding the consumption of this additive is 1.5 grams per day for adults, and children should not take more than 0.5 grams.

Today, E621 is used more than ever, and the numbers are terrifying. More than 200 thousand tons of the additive are used every year throughout the world. Overdosing is quite common, and it is known as ‘the Chinese restaurant syndrome.’ The symptoms include unsteadiness, headache, visual aggravations, hormonal imbalance, queasiness, poor energy, mid-section agony, and many more.

It was back in 1907 in Japan when Ikeda Kikunae discovered its ability to intensify food flavors. This requires a plethora of experiments.

Sodium glutamate also improves the taste and fragrance of canned, fast and frozen foods.

In several experiments, mice were given sodium glutamate, and they lost their visual perception.

Sodium glutamate affects the receptors of the tongue, and over time worsens the view of food.

Given that sodium glutamate makes your food tasty, you cannot stop eating things like chips, chocolates, canned soups, and other similar products.

It causes addiction, which is why you crave for products that contain the additive. Moreover, this goes in favor of the producers, because of the high profits. Not everyone takes care of your health, and that is a sad fact.

E621 brings huge profit to food producers, because it is super-cheap and cuts down production costs, while covering the low-quality foods.

Carefully choose the foods you eat, and always read the labels first.

Remember, natural spices are always a better and safer option.

Source: Time For Healthy Food


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