I’m so glad I learned THIS ! This Trick Will Help You If You Are Suffering From a Stiff Neck

If you have ever experienced stiff neck you know that tense neck muscles are the cause of neck pain. It can occur as a result of your sleeping habits, in case you are sleeping on the side with a lot of pressure applied on your neck, or you are lying on your belly.

But, there is no need to worry since there are some stretching exercises which are extremely effective and will help you to relieve the neck pain. And, moreover, these exercises will take just 90 seconds of your time!

The first exercise involves the use of your fingers. You need to turn your neck to the left or right side, and as you do a large muscle will appear. In order to pull on this muscle and work your way down the muscle, you need to use your fingers. You will feel an instant pain relief. Continue to work with your fingers on the muscle for 20 seconds.

In the second exercise, you need to bend your neck to the side and use your hand to pull your head, thus further extending your bent neck. Hold this posture for 15-20 seconds. This exercise will stretch and relax the muscle, thus relieving you from the pain.

In the third stretch, your neck needs to be bent to the side and you need to form a fist with your hand. Put the fist on your bent neck and apply some pressure to the muscle and at the same time continue bending your neck. Hold this posture for 20 seconds. The fist can be moved up or down in case you want to add more pressure to the muscle.

After performing these stretching exercises you will immediately feel relief from your neck pain. However, it is said that prevention is better than cure, so you can prevent this neck pain by adopting a proper sleeping posture like sleeping on your back.

Source: Time For Natural Health Care


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