If You Want To Get Rid Of Excess Weight, Use This Spice: It Melts Calories At An Incredible Speed!

You should know that this spice, which you probably already have in your kitchen, and use in the preparation of pasta and cakes, has numerous other purposes as well.if-you-want-to-get-rid-of-excess-weight-use-this-spice-it-melts-calories-at-an-incredible-speed

Cumin is not only healthy, but it can be very useful if you are on a diet. Cumin has innumerable medicinal properties, is excellent against flatulence of the stomach, helps digestion, has a sedative effect, reduces spasms in the abdomen, is rich in vitamins of the B group, contains calcium, iron, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and selenium, but recent research also shows that cumin helps in the process of excess weight loss.

In a study that involved 88 women with obesity issues, scientists have come to the conclusion that those who consumed a daily teaspoon of ground cumin, lose weight even three times faster than those who were also on a diet, but did not consume this spice.

All women in the study had reduced their input of calories to 500 and followed the advice of a healthy diet. However, half of the participants ate three grams cumin powder daily, mixed with non- fat and unsweetened yogurt.

After three months, the group that consumed cumin had better results. In average, they lost 1.5 kg more than those women who did not consume cumin. Moreover, even 14 percent of them had reduced the proportion of fat in the body. Women who did not consume cumin, lost about 5 pounds, and the proportion of fat has been reduced by 4.9 percent.

Experts from the Institute of Medical Sciences in Iran, Shahid Sadoughi reveal that cumin also helps to significantly reduce levels of bad cholesterol. Scientists explain this effect by the fact that cumin contains phytosterols that have the ability to absorb cholesterol, and also contains substances that speed up metabolism.

Otherwise, cumin is considered one of the oldest spice herbs, its remains were found even in Pharaonic tombs. It was believed to have the status of an aphrodisiac, so the ancient Arabic aphrodisiac was prepared from honey, black pepper and cumin, and a natural remedy against forgetting is considered to be the combination of honey and cumin.



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