If You Have Genetic Predispositions To Cancer You Must Avoid This

If you have genetic predispositions to cancer or there is some other factor, it is importnat to avoid every cosmetic product that contain triclosan!if-you-have-genetic-predispositions-to-cancer-you-must-avoid-this

Triclosan is a substance usually contained in both liquid and regular antibacterial soaps, and studies have shown that it can stimulate tumor growth.

According to the latest research published in the magazine „Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,“ this cancer-causing chemical is associated with allergies in children, thyroid problems, and tumor growth.

„We are worried about triclosan, because it is present everywhere in our environment,“ explained professor Robert Tykey from the University of California.

Triclosan is a disinfectant that kills bacteria, and soap is not the only product that contains it. It is also found in toothpastes, deodorants, pet shampoos, skin care products, foot care products, shower gels, mouth wash, creams, shaving cream etc.

Carefully choose the product you are buying and always read the label!



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