How To Supercharge Your Immune System, Body And Brain With Medicinal Mushrooms

Oregano oil is the most commonly overused supplement. The world has gone crazy for its antiviral and antimicrobial properties. Although it aids in the treatment of common colds, and prevents the occurrence of the same, oregano oil should not be used for long

Wonder how come such a powerful and healthy product be bad for you? Well, oregano oil wipes out every bacteria on its way, both good and bad bacteria. This is why you should limits its use to 1-2 weeks at a time. Consider providing your gut flora with some healthy probiotics afterwards.

Oregano oil is definitely a ‘must’ when it comes to short-term treatment. But, if you need to boost your immunity in the long-run, you should try medicinal mushrooms instead. No, these are not the hallucinogenic type, but more like a magical variety of healthy mushrooms.

If you know nothing about these, medicinal mushrooms are extremely potent and beneficial. They are ancient goods that have gained popularity today, especially in the supplement industry. The use of medicinal mushrooms is appreciated for its safety on long-term basis, plus they are good for children as well, and parents can start giving their beloved children some of these mushrooms at the age of 6.

Even though all medicinal mushrooms enhance the immune function, each of them has its own healing properties. We give you the top four medicinal mushrooms, and you can find these in capsules, powder or tea in any healthy food store:

Lion’s Mane: the ‘brain’ food
It enhances cognitive functions, and improves memory, concentration and creativity skills.
Scientists have proven that it protects against dementia, and also improves the condition of patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

What makes them so powerful? Hericenones and erinacines are active ingredients in Lion’s Mane, and these stimulate the Nerve Growth Factor, meaning they are essential for the neural health. These compounds can cross the blood-brain barrier, and thus ease and accelerate the transmission across brain’s synapses.

Chaga: The immunity enhancer
Chaga mushrooms have strong antioxidant potential. Their antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity supports immunity, thereby support the defence against infections, bacteria, colds and viruses.

These mushrooms mark the highest antioxidant (ORAC) value at 36,557, meaning they are more powerful than goji berries (400), acai (800) and blueberries (24.5). Both animal and laboratory studies have confirmed chaga to be strong antiviral and anti-inflammatory foods, but this sure requires some thorough human studies.

Research based on the effect of chaga mushrooms on the condition of HIV patients shows that the mushrooms cause significant improvement in the general wellbeing.

Reishi: The relaxant
It is used for its calming effect and potency to provide deep relaxation and great sleep. This makes them an excellent choice for those who deal with chronic stress, anxiety and nervousness.
Reishi mushrooms decrease cortisol levels, commonly known as the long-term stress hormone. Cortisol affects melatonin, or the sleep hormone. So it is up to you to decide whether you will bring down your cortisol or struggle with insomnia every night.

Cordyceps: The energy booster
This shroom is an incredible adaptogen, meaning it is adrenal tonic that supports body’s defensive system against stress. Cordyceps boosts long-term endurance, stamina and increases energy levels. Particular studies have shown that cordyceps enhance performance during workout.

Fun info: Cordyceps earned world’s attention in 1993, in the time of the Olympics. The Chinese track team managed to broke many records. Later they revealed that their athletes used to drink tonic with cordyceps added.
These mushrooms stimulate the production of energy molecules (ATP), and support a mighty aerobic capacity of athletes.

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