How To Store Your Garlic & Onions So They Last For Months

If you always buy more garlic and onions than you need, and most of the veggies rot in your fridge, you probably need some tips on how to store your fresh produce and preserve its freshness for longer. Our amazing hacks will help you enjoy your fresh vegetables before they go

Green sprouts and mold on your garlic and onions indicate that they have already started rotting. But, you can plant them in this phase, even though you may not be your best virtue.

You will need the following items to store your garlic and onions properly:

  • Firm and fresh garlic and onions
  • Brown lunch paper bags
  • Paper clips
  • A hole punch

First, punch your lunch bags any way you like. Fold the bags several times, so you can punch them in a row easily, but make sure you leave an inch between the punches. You need to obtain multiple rows of holes.

You can also hold the bags lengthwise and punch along their sides. Then, flip the bag you have folded over, and start punching along the other edge, while leaving an inch between the punches. Your holes do not have to be perfect, because you only need to get the air inside the bag.

Fill your bags to the half, and fold them over the top. Make sure you label them and turn them upside down.

The holes will provide proper circulation around the veggies, and they will remain fresh for longer.

You can store your onions and garlic in the same drawers as usual. You can always use plastic bags so that the bags stand upright and provide enough room so the air can circulate freely. Store your bins in your pantry.

The success of this method depends on various factors, including light conditions, temperature, and humidity of the place you have stored them in.

Extra tips

  • Never keep potatoes near your onions and garlic

Potatoes release gasses that will make your onions and garlic rot faster. Never keep these two on the same shelve.

  • Do not close the paper bags

Open paper or plastic bags are always a better idea. Closing the bags will cut off the flow of air, and the veggies will spoil and sprout.

  • Do not store onions and garlic in your fridge

Keep your onions and garlic in a dark and dry place, preferably in the basement. Colder temperatures like those in your fridge soften these veggies and give off their flavor to other products in your fridge.

Source: Healthy Life Base


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