How to Pick a Juicy, Delicious and Nutrient-Packed Watermelon Every Time

Seeing a big, juicy watermelon does not make you think of summer? It is the most refreshing summer fruit, and even children like it as a snack. Watermelons not only taste great, they are also packed with very few calories and tons of antioxidants and amino acids.

Health benefits

  • It is abundant in beta-carotene which is great for healthy glowing skin and bone structure
  • Treats eye problems, and prevents age related macular degeneration
  • Relieves constipation
  • Reduces muscle cramps
  • Normalizes high blood pressure
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Hydrates and nourishes the organism
  • Provides a diuretic effect

Would you like a big, refreshing glass of watermelon juice?

Nutritionists always suggest that their patients drink watermelon juice in order to relieve numerous symptoms. It works great for children who deal with constipation, and it is commonly used in home treatments for bloating and water retention. Watermelon juice relieves pain, cleanses kidneys and alleviates PMS symptoms.

Pick the best watermelon

Always look for watermelons that feel heavy. Pick up a few pieces of the same size and take home the heaviest one. It is the juices that make watermelons heavy.

Watermelon spots

Have you noticed the ‘bald spot’ on the watermelons? This pale spot is usually white or yellow, but sometimes it is even orangey. The heaviness sets watermelons on the ground as they turn sweet and delicious. The longer it ripens on the vine, the sweeter it will be.

Watermelons that have been picked too soon have a tiny or almost no ‘bald’ spot. Skip these, and remember, the ripening process stops after the watermelons have been cut off the vine. Who needs tasteless watermelons?

The white spot on the watermelon is a clear sign that it is almost ripe. But, you should look for those who have yellow or orange spots, because they are the sweetest.


Your watermelon should have a nice oval shape, and you do not need any deformations. This means that the fruit has received healthy amounts of sun and water in every part of it. Do not pick the shiny ones. The skin of ripe watermelons is dull and matt. Shiny watermelons are not fully ripe.

Look for any bruises, cuts and blemishes. Avoid ‘unappealing’ and huge watermelons. Broken or cracked pieces are filled with air and will soon ferment. If the greatest watermelon in the aisle catches your eye, just keep going. It is always better to pick up two medium watermelons than getting an enormous piece. Medium-sized watermelons have the best taste.

With or without seeds

Taking out the seeds requires such a big effort, right? But, if you are tempted to buy seedless watermelons, keep in mind that they are genetically modified. Would you like a slice of GMO watermelon?  Seeds are actually a proof that you have bought the real stuff.

Fruits are designed to have seeds, so avoid the ‘seedless’ produce. Remember, ‘seedless foods will breed a seedless (infertile) generation.’

Watermelon juice is also great for those who try to lose pounds. Look for the best watermelon juice recipe.

Source: Juicing For Health


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