Here Is How to Make Your Own Homemade Natural Self-Tanning Lotion

Do you want to naturally darken your tan without too much detrimental sun exposure or going to the carcinogenic tanning beds? There are natural products for this purpose which are safe and easy to

You need tea, cocoa or carrots. There is also the option of making creams for tanning, but they have short- term effect and have their drawbacks. Read a few tricks on how to naturally darken your skin which are much useful for people who lack the time or just do not want to be exposed to sun too long.

Tanning with the help of tea

For the method for skin tanning with tea you need water and dark tea bags, such as black tea. Place at least two bags of black tea in two liters of boiling water and keep it covered for 30 minutes. Then, discard the tea bags and allow the water to cool. Put it in a bottle and apply it on clean skin, which has previously been peeled. Wait for the tea to dry completely before putting your clothes on. In most cases, almost all the colors are washed by showering. However, this trick is good for short-term use. Also, you can make a tanning bath. Place 25 tea bags in hot water and have a bath for about 30 minutes in the water.

Cocoa self- tanning

You can prepare your own self- tanner by mixing 100% pure cocoa powder with body lotion (in a ratio of 1: 4). Apply the mixture evenly on the skin, with a circular motion. It is important that the skin is clean. Note that this treatment has shorter effects than the treatment with tea.

Self- tanning with carrots

The only flaw of this treatment is that the color which you get is more orange, but if you do not mind, you can try to get your darker tan using a carrot. You need 3 liters of water, 1 kg of carrots (with peel) and 2 cups brown sugar. You can add a half cup of aloe vera gel. Wash the carrots and cut them in slices. When the water boils, add the sugar and carrots. When the mixture is cool, place it in a spray bottle and is apply it to the skin in a circular motion. This color lasts long, but it is advisable to make a peeling of the skin prior to using this mixture. Also, it is advisable to regularly moisturize the skin with hydrating lotion.


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