How To Make A Fantastic Drink For Your Clogged Arteries

In reality, lots of people take toxic cholesterol and blood pressure lowering drugs. These may do nothing to reduce heart disease specific mortality. On the other hand, there is a natural remedy that can be extremely helpful in these cases. Pomegranate juice, indeed!how-to-make-a-fantastic-drink-for-your-clogged-arteries

This juice actually reverses underlying pathologies of the cardiovascular system that lead to bypass surgeries and heart attacks.

One of the most amazing clinical studies ever performed has been hidden away for more than ten years. When I first came across it two years ago, in the form of the publicly indexed abstract on, I was absolutely startled.

I believe I can now save millions lives from premature death from heart disease, since I have finally acquired the full version of the study and am now excited to report on its implications in greater depth. That will, hopefully, raise the awareness of the benefits of the powerful pomegranate.

Pomegranate’s Hundreds of Health Benefits

Believe it or not, pomegranate has many other ways in which it can help to heal the cardiovascular system, as well as other organ systems. Our research project has identified over 100 distinct health benefits of pomegranate.

This one simple fruit can clean your arteries fully!

The above headline is a bare truth that should be more than an eye-opening line. Surveys have shown that pomegranate juice consumption results in a significant IMT [ intima media thickness] reduction, by up to 30%, after 1 year.

Can you imagine the huge interest for this delicious and affordable drug alternative that has the power to unclog arteries? We are all aware that the drugs aren’t working. Their most popular class, cholesterol-lowering statins, is closely connected to over 300 adverse health effects. We can easily get confused by the technical medicine language:  what does this pomegranate-induced reduction in the intima media thickness (IMT) of the arteries mean?

Reversing Atherosclerosis/ Reduction of Intima Media Thickness

The intima media is the middle portion of the arteries that become inflamed and fill up with plaque comprised of oxidized fats, immune cells, and their debris. This condition is commonly known as “blocked arteries.” As the intima media grows thicker, less space is available for the blood contents to move through the opening (lumen) of the arteries. When the arteries close or are blocked, catastrophic injury or death may follow.

As you may have realized by now, anything that can be an alternative and save the situation is worth millions! It would profoundly reduce deaths linked to cardiovascular mortality.

So, our aim is to substantiate the value of botanical and food-based interventions not only in preventing but treating major chronic disease processes like cardiovascular disease, the developed world’s most deadly disease.

Indeed, cardiovascular diseases are the primary cause for deaths nowadays.  Furthermore, we medicate millions more with drugs that only reduce surrogate markers for cardiovascular disease risk without showing any convincing evidence that it is reducing cardiovascular disease or all-cause mortality. The resulting thesis is that it would be unforgivable if we overlook pomegranate as a powerful cure and solution to our problems. Actually, we speak about a simple daily dietary intervention which is capable of regressing and/or reversing the disease process in millions of fatal cardiac cases.

Clinical Trial

Israeli researchers discovered that pomegranate administered in juice form over the course of a year, reversed plaque accumulation in the carotid arteries of patients with severe, though symptomless, carotid artery stenosis . This was published in Clinical Nutrition in 2014. The study consisted of nineteen patients, 5 women and 14 men, aged 65-75, non-smokers. They were randomized to receive either pomegranate juice or placebo.

Ten patients were in the pomegranate juice treatment group and 9 patients that did not consume pomegranate juice were in the control group. Both groups were matched with similar blood lipid and glucose concentrations, blood pressure, and with similar medication regimens which consisted of blood-pressure lowering (e.g. ACE inhibitors, β-blockers, or calcium channel blockers) and lipid lowering drugs.

The ten patients in the treatment group received 50 ml of pomegranate juice per day which contained .036 milligrams of total polyphenols (primarily tannins and anthocyanins), for a period of 1 year, and five out of them agreed to continue for up to 3 years. The results of the experiment showed that the intima media thickness the left and right common carotid arteries in severe carotid artery stenosis patients that consumed pomegranate juice for up to 1 year was reduced after 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of pomegranate juice consumption by 13%, 22%, 26% and 35%, respectively. Remarkable!

If a drug was proven to have these effects, it would be considered as a life-saving miracle drug, and not only would be promoted and sold successfully for billions of dollars.

The therapeutic outcomes of this survey may be even more groundbreaking.  When one factors that the carotid artery stenosis increased 9% within 1 year in the control group, the pomegranate intervention group may have seen even better results than indicated by the measured regression in intima media thickness alone.  That is, if we assume that the pomegranate group had received no treatment, the thickening of their carotid arteries would have continued to progress like the control group. This could be interpreted to mean that after 3 years of pomegranate treatment, for instance, the thickening of the arteries would have been reduced over 60% beyond what would have occurred had the natural progression of the disease been allowed to continue unabated.


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