How To Lighten Your Knees And Elbows Using This Effective 4-ingredient Coconut Oil Mixture

It may not be a great deal, but knowing that you are not the only person with dark knees and ankles brings such a relief.

Although discoloration is common in every inch of your skin, your knees and elbows are more prone to dark spots as there no sebaceous glands in this parts of the human body. This is the main reason why your knees and elbows are constantly dry and ‘dirty.’ Sun exposure, friction, pressure and dead skin only contribute to the problem. The good thing is that you can make these spots of your body shiny and bright again. Yes, it is nature that gives you a hand in this one.

We give you the best natural solutions for your skin discoloration, plus you get a bonus recipe for a natural concoction that will give you an extra help.

Coconut oil

Thanks to its high vitamin E content, coconut oil is one of the greatest products you can use for this purpose. It lightens dark skin, while leaving it well hydrated and moisturized.

Apply a dab of coconut oil after every shower. You could really use a gentle massage here, and a minute or two are just enough. Several treatments a day will protect your skin from drying out.


You saw this one coming, right? Lemons are natural bleachers and exfoliators. Vitamin C also helps in removing dead skin cells. It lightens skin and supports healthy cell regeneration.

Apply some lemon juice on your knees and elbows, and carefully massage the area for a couple minutes. Let it do the job for 20 minutes, rinse off with warm water and apply your favorite moisturizing lotion.


Its granules give sugar an amazing exfoliating power. Sugar removes dead skin cells and softens the area.

Make your own sugar scrub at home:

Combine equal parts of sugar and olive oil into a thick paste.

Apply your homemade scrub on the affected area, and massage it using circular motions. Do this for 5 minutes.

Rinse off with warm water and mild soap.

Repeat the treatment once a day until your skin becomes bright again.

Once you are satisfied with the result, do the treatment once a week.

Baking soda

It is an effective, gentle exfoliator and cleanser. Baking soda does magic when it comes to dark skin, since it has an extreme capacity of removing dead skin cells and reducing hyperpigmentation, which is quite common for your knees and elbows.

Mix a tablespoon of milk and the same amount of baking soda.

Apply the resulting paste on your skin, and massage it gently for 2-3 minutes.

Rinse off with warm water, and pat dry the treated skin area.

Do the treatment every other day until you get some notable results.

Aloe vera

It is a powerful skin ‘bleacher,’ moisturizer and softener. Aloe vera gel evens skin tone and repairs skin damages caused by excessive sun exposure

Use fresh aloe vera leaves, of course if possible. Here is how to use them:

Break the fleshy leaf and squeeze out the gel.

Apply it on your knees and elbows, and let it work for 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Do the treatment once or twice a day for several weeks.

All-in-one skin lightening cream

This simple recipe uses the aforementioned ingredients, and it is a powerful combo with even greater effect. It improves skin quality, and accelerates the healing process. Here is how to make it:

Combine equal parts of lemon juice, sugar, baking soda and aloe vera.

Gently rub the resulting cream on your affected skin area for a few minutes.

Rinse off with mild soap and warm water.

Source: Healthy Food Plans


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