How To Grow Your Own Unlimited Supply Of Turmeric At Home. It’s Ridiculously Easy

The world has gone crazy for turmeric, and people use it in every way possible. The mighty spice offers strong benefits, and it contributes to optimal

Even doctors suggest that we use it as a natural remedy for numerous ailments. It is an excellent fighter against pathogens. Science has proven turmeric to provide over 600 health benefits, and it can be used both as a prevention agent and cure.

Turmeric is commonly used in the treatment of wounds, because of its strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic potential. Some health experts believe that it is even more powerful than ibuprofen. However, if think it is too pricey, you can always grow your own turmeric, and we have provided some quite handy instructions.


You can easily grow your turmeric from rhizomes, and these are available in healthy food stores.

Once you have purchased an organic rhizome, cut off a smaller piece, and make sure it has 2-3 buds.

Fill your planting container with organic soil. Water it well, but be careful it should not be all muddy and overflown. Make a small hole, preferably 2 inches from the surface, and plant your turmeric root, bud-side up. Cover with soil and water.

Add organic fertilizers not more than twice a month. These will provide you with better roots.


Turmeric sure likes water, and your responsibility is to give it as much as it needs, especially during long, hot days. If you live in a hot climate, water your turmeric every third day, and make a one-day break in between. If the weather is chill, water it less frequently. The key here is to keep the soil wet enough, but never mushy. Hopefully, this is a nice guideline for you. And yes, spray bottles work well for this purpose.


You can harvest your mature roots within 8-10 months after the planting phase. Once the roots have matured, take them all at once, unlike other plants which can be harvested several times.

Just dig in and take out your roots. Preserve a few of them for future plantings, but in that case make sure you use fresh soil.

Storing and using

Keep fresh turmeric roots in a dry and cool place.

You can also make turmeric powder. Boil the roots for 45 minutes, and let them dry for a week. Remove their skin, but put your gloves on, because who wants yellow hands, right? Once you are done peeling, grind the roots finely, and your turmeric powder is ready for use. Add it to your food or drinks. It works well in smoothies, you know.

Now that you know how to grow turmeric, plant some and share your experience with others. Tell us how did it go.

Source: Healthy Food House


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