How To Detect Fake Honey (It’s Everywhere), Use THIS Simple Trick

Try the following tricks to find out whether the honey that you just bought is the real thing.

Check the label

Labels will help you pick additive-free honey, because the law obliges producers to label the content of their product.

Real honey is not sticky

Rub a tiny amount of honey between the tips of your fingers. Skin absorbs real honey, and if it sticks too much it is probably loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners.


Put a tablespoon of honey in a small bowl and heat it up in the microwave. Real honey tends to caramelize. If your honey forms a foam and bubbles, you have bought the fake stuff.


Put a dab of honey on a sheet of paper. If the paper absorbs the honey easily, the product is fake and full of water. Real honey is not easily absorbed.

The bug trick

Ant literally hate natural honey made by bees. Drizzle some honey in any corner of your home, and if ants do not come near it, cheer yourself since you have bought real honey.

Water and honey

Soak a teaspoon of honey in a glass of water. Real honey makes lumps and just sinks to the bottom. Fake honey will melt immediately.

Honey and bread

If you spread some honey on a slice of bread, and it only dampens the surface, the honey is fake. Real honey is hard to spread.


Real honey forms crystals over time, and fake honey remains liquid.

Source: Best Healthy Guide


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