Hot Dog Cancer Risks

Hot dogs are our favorite street food. They make for a delicious quick meal, too. It takes just a few minutes to get them done and served. If you combine them with Mac & Cheese… Tastes like heaven!

Tasty hot dogs are the most popular picnic food. We bet you like grilling tons of these on the 4th July. It is probably the greatest hot dog holiday of the year. Americans snack 155 million wieners on this holiday, and statistics shows that they eat seven billion pieces between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Wow!

Then, what is the problem?

According to a recent LA Times article:

“Children who eat more than 12 hot dogs per month have nine times the normal risk of developing childhood leukemia, a USC epidemiologist has reported in a cancer research journal. Two other reports in the same issue of Cancer Causes and Control suggest that children born to mothers who eat at least one hot dog per week during pregnancy have double the normal risk of developing brain tumors, as do children whose fathers ate hot dogs before conception.”

We have covered a few questions to help you understand why you should never ever eat a hot dog again.

Why are hot dogs bad to your health?

These meaty products contain nitrite additives, which leads to formation of cancer-causing compounds.

Last year, scientists were busy finding a good reason to take hot dogs off the market.

One of the studies involved the relation between certain foods and the risk of developing leukemia in children under the age of 10. Scientists covered the area of Los Angeles in the time between 1980 and 1987. This study showed that children who eat 12 hot dogs and more are nine times more likely to develop childhood leukemia. Children whose fathers ate the same number of hotdogs were at a higher risk, too.

Even one hot dog can cause serious consequences. Another similar study showed that children born to mothers who ate at least one snack during their pregnancy are two times more likely to develop brain tumor than other children. The same applies to those children who eat one or more hotdogs per week.

How can a hot dog cause cancer

Hotdogs contain nitrites. This would not be that bad if these do not bind with amines in meat when exposed to heat. This relation results in the formation of N-nitroso compounds. Nitrites also bind with amines in our stomach and form such cancerous compounds. Experts have found that these carcinogens contribute to the development of oral, urinary bladder, esophageal, stomach and brain cancer.

Are nitrites in veggies dangerous?

Nitrites are found in spinach, celery, lettuce and other green vegetables. However, these veggies cannot cause cancer. Moreover, they prevent it. These veggies also contain vitamins C and D, which prevents the formation of N-nitroso compounds. This makes green vegetables safe for human consumption. As mentioned before, they are often referred to as anticancer food.

What other foods contain nitrites?

Every type of cured meat, including bacon and fish.

Do all hot dogs cause childhood cancer?

Thanks to modern refrigeration methods, nitrites are no longer used as preservatives. Today, these are added to boost the color of hot dogs, because most people believe that red color resembles freshness. There are nitrite-free hot dogs as well. These taste the same as regular hot dogs, but what people do not like about them is their brown color. However, nitrite-free hot dogs are a lot healthier options.

There is a way to enjoy hot dogs without exposing your health to dangerous compounds. Here is how:

  • Do not eat hot dogs that contain nitrites. Your child should not eat these, too.
  • Always buy nitrite-free hot dogs. Their color should not scare you.
  • Require that local schools serve healthy food in their cafeterias. Your child should eat healthy.
  • Express your opinion to the FDA. Write about concern regarding the nitrite-packed hot dogs. Here is the CPC’s petition on hot dogs, docket#:95P0112/CP1.

Source: Healthy Food And Home Remedies


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