Honey and Ginger Powerful Combination Stronger Than Cancer

To prepare the drug you will need two large roots or about 500 grams of ginger and 500 grams of organic honey.honey-and-ginger-powerful-combination-stronger-than-cancer

Peel the root and grate it finely on the smallest grater and mix it with honey in a suitable container. Mix well until you get a homogeneous blend.

The prepared home remedy in this way is consumed 3-4 times a day per one tablespoon (it should not be metal).

The treatment period lasts for 60 days.

It can be used preventively, it is recommended during spring time, once every three years.

If you cannot find ginger root, you can use ginger powder.

Half a tablespoon of ginger powder is mixed with one teaspoon of organic honey and consumed 60 days.  During the first 48 hours it is consumed every 2 hours, and then, 3 times a day. The dish and spoon should not be metal!

Source: Health And Healthy Living


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