Homemade “Pharmacy” – Everything That You Need Is Already In Your Kitchen

In the box with drugs you should always have plasters, bandages and painkillers. However, there are at least six ways in which you can help yourself before you reach for the pills.homemade-pharmacy-everything-that-you-need-is-already-in-your-kitchen

  1. Vodka against unpleasant odors

You can always remove the unpleasant smell of feet with a cloth soaked in vodka. Vodka contains a large percentage of alcohol, and acts as an antiseptic. If you wipe the feet once a day with it, you will reduce your chances of getting fungal infections.

  1. Bite a pencil

When we are under stress or we are suffering some pain, we unconsciously bite our teeth. Then we are burdening the nerves and muscles that further on turn into a headache. It can be avoided if you bite an ordinary pencil, instead of pressuring your teeth.

  1. Yogurt against bad breath

In addition to being healthy, yogurt removes unpleasant odor from the mouth. The good bacteria in it make the environment unsuitable for breeding of undesirable bacteria and unpleasant odors.

  1. Lemon balm tea

This tea has antiviral properties and is excellent in the treatment of herpes. It is enough to place coatings with iced tea balm tea on the area.

  1. Olive oil for wrinkles and blemishes

The benefits of olive oil are numerous, so it is used in cosmetics. It has the power to reduce irritations of the skin, and is rich in antioxidants that make the wrinkles smooth and clean the brown spots on the face.

  1. Lemon and Olives against sickness

Olives have the power to reduce the secretion of gastric juice, and are a great choice for those who have sickness while traveling. You will feel an additional effect if you eat a piece of lemon as well. Apples before travel are also considered to be effective.


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