Hibernation Diet: Lose Weight While You Sleep!

Mike and Stewart Mac Innes spent several years in research before launching their hibernation diet that guarantees weight loss while you sleep. Otherwise, they are pharmacist and nutritionist by profession, and are well- known by their recommendations for the diets of top athletes.hibernation-diet-lose-weight-while-you-sleep

Mike and Stewart argue that honey and fructose in honey are the main burners of fat while you sleep, so they recommend honey before going to bed.

On this subject, they have published several books that examine the diet in details and explain how it works. The essence is that before bedtime you should drink a glass of water with two tablespoons of honey in it. Honey contains a lot of fructose; there is a link between fructose and the liver, and the condition of the liver determines the state of the entire organism -- argue the creators of this diet.

Hence, the diet recommends two tablespoons of honey before bedtime and claims that in that way you can burn fats overnight, and gain muscle mass in return. In the morning you will feel good and you should have breakfast based on fruits. During the day, you should do exercises or you should mandatory walk every day, and the other meals during the day should be reduced to what we call moderate amounts, but nothing special should be eliminated from the diet.

Despite the huge acceptance of the Hibernation diet in public, some nutritionists say that there is no evidence that the diet works because of honey, since those who have lost weight following these rules may have succeeded as a result of the physical activity (walking daily) or because they started to consume moderate amounts of food as recommended by the Hibernation diet.

However, if you want to feel the health benefits as well, you should try it.


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