A Navel To Treat Cold, Flu, Cough, Abdominal And Menstrual Pain

If you are one of those who get sick very often with a cold, the flu or a cough, then, you will benefit from reading this article. There is a simple way to help fight these infections, and all you need to do is put a particular substance in your belly button.heres-how-to-use-navel-to-treat-cold-flu-cough-abdominal-and-menstrual-pain

There are many different home remedies for just about everything you can think of, not only the homemade cough syrups we usually think of immediately when we hear about recipes made at home. Home remedies were created and made when the older generations got sick and couldn’t afford a doctor, or the doctor lived too far away for them to travel. So, they came up with their own cures for things.

Typically when someone has a cold, the flu, cough, abdominal, or menstrual pain, they rest. Home remedies are great for this kind of stuff, so you do not need to suffer anymore or spend a fortune on medications or to visit the doctor.

Get a piece of cotton, soak it in brandy and then put it in your belly button. After you’ve put the soaked cotton ball in your belly button, put some tape or a bandaid over it to keep it in place. This method relaxes the body and it automatically gets rid of the pain. It is very effective against the flu, colds, and sore muscles.

Source: Healthy Food House


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