Here’s How To Find Out If You Need To Detox Your Body

Research shows that everyone needs detoxification at least once a year.heres-how-to-find-out-if-you-need-to-detox-your-body

Detoxification is extremely beneficial to health. However, it is not recommended for nursing mothers, children and patients with chronic degenerative illnesses, as well as for cancer or tuberculosis patients.

The most common symptoms that indicate that the body needs detoxification include: fatigue, irritated skin, allergies, bags under the eyes, bloated stomach, sometimes even menstrual problems, and mental confusion.

Tips to detoxify the body

  • Consume foods that contain fiber, including rice, beets, radish, cabbage or fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • Take vitamin C, as it allows faster removal of toxins from the liver;
  • Drink green tea;
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water a day;
  • Breathe deeply, it will allow better circulation of oxygen in the body;
  • Take a 5 minutes shower with warm water, and then 30 seconds with cold water;
  • Relax with exercise, yoga, meditation, etc;
  • Regular exercise (at least 1 hour);
  • Reduce the intake of nicotine, caffeine, alcohol and sugar to minimum;
  • ┬áVisit the sauna -- sweating is a natural detoxification for the body.


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