Here’s a Simple Trick That Will Help You Keep Flies Out of Your Home!

It seems like flies and mosquitoes only exist to bug us. Literally. There is nothing more annoying than chasing a stubborn fly that seems to like your home or garden. If you are looking for the best way to repel flies, we have a couple of natural tricks for you.

You will no longer spend your nice afternoon chasing flies and spraying toxic chemicals around the house. Go natural!

Trick 1: Lemons and Cloves

Cut a few lemons in half, and pierce a 5-10 cloves in each. Keep your aromatic lemon halves on your oven shelves overnight and just leave the door wide open. Next morning, close the door, and turn the oven to 100 degrees. Remember, you should not roast or bake the lemon halves. All you have to do is allow their pleasant scent fulfil your home.

Get rid of the lemons once they turn soft.

What is the trick?

Flies hate the aromatic scent of lemons and cloves. These tiny little beings cannot stand the intense smell in your home, which will absolutely bring joy to you.

Given that you will smell the cloves and notice when their scent fades, make sure you prepare another aromatic bomb.

Trick 2: Fruit fly trap

Fruit flies are the worst, because it seems like nothing you can do to get them out of your house. This is true, but you can always trap them, right?

Our fruit fly trap may not be the most appealing solution, but it sure brings great results. Fill a glass bowl with sweet wine or any sweet juice. Dump in a few fruit pieces of your choice, and we suggest that you use bananas.

Tightly stretch a plastic wrap over the bowl, and secure it using a rubber band. Then, poke a few holes in it, and your fruit fly trap is ready to get those bad guys in.

The trap will attract every single fruit fly in your home, and you will be surprised to see how many fruit flies have been flying around your home.

What is the trick?

The rotting fruit attracts fruit flies, and they are also seeking for the best spot to lay their eggs on.

They will head toward the sugary trap, and boom! The fruit flies will get stuck in for good. This may not be the most humane method, but it is a life saver when your home is attacked by these boring flies. You do not need more than one trap.

Source: Healthy Food House


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