Here Is Why You Should Never Use Antibacterial Hand Gel Anymore

An antibacterial gel is a quick and easy solution for cleaning hands if you do not have a soup and water nearby. However, experts advise why you should avoid using

No matter if you use the antibacterial gel only because of a habit only or when no you have no other option, you will be surprised to find out that it is really harmful.

Bisphenol A is a dangerous chemical which is used in the production of almost all plastic packaging. It affects the secretion of hormones, and in high doses it can lead to heart disease, hormonal imbalances, cancer, infertility and diabetes.

Antibacterial gels contain substances which in turn facilitate the hazardous chemicals to penetrate our skin. Because of these facts, an experiment was conducted. People cleaned their hands with gel, and it was found that bisphenol A it much easier penetrated through the skin in people who used the gel than those who washed their hands with soap and water.

An even worse option is if after cleaning with gel you take in your hands an object that contains dangerous chemicals to consume food.


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