Here Is Why Propolis Is The Second Best Bee Product

The official name of the propolis is “bee propolis”. “Pro” means before and “polis” means city. Bee propolis actually means “before entering the basket.”here-is-why-propolis-is-the-second-best-bee-product

Propolis comes from the juice of herbs and bees. It is a sticky resin that bees use to make the slot to fill in gapped nests and to protect it from external influences, as well as to sterilize the hive, preventing the growth and development of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Propolis contains iron, vitamins “B” complex, pro-vitamin “A” vitamin “C” and “E”, amino acids, minerals and various bioflavonoids. It also serves to protect the organism. Propolis can activate the work of the thymus (thymus gland) that functions as an immune system, preventing viral and fungal infections, and other parasites that can cause various diseases. In other words, propolis works on the construction of a natural defense mechanism of our body.

Propolis acts as an antiseptic and antibiotic, and has antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect and is very useful for detoxification of the body. In addition, scientific studies show that propolis acts against pathogenic bacteria.

As a result of the ability to heal wounds, propolis can help in the treatment of health problems caused by microbial infections of the respiratory tract, such as inflamed lungs, asthma, sinusitis and tuberculosis.

Propolis can be used for rinsing the mouth as well. It can prevent the development of bacteria in the mouth caused by bleeding teeth and sore gums. Propolis also contains antioxidants in the form of flavonoids, and according to many researches, one drop of propolis contains flavonoids the same of flavonoids as in 500 oranges.

Propolis has anticancer properties, and prevents viral replication of HIV. Propolis is available on the market in the form of tablets, capsules or liquid. The dose of propolis when used as a dietary supplement is one or two tablets or capsules. A tablet or capsule is equal to an amount of 250 g of propolis.





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