Here Is What To Do In The Case Of Constipation

Constipation is not the most beautiful theme for a conversation, but it is a common discomfort that all of us have experienced. Why “things” just won’t go out?here-is-what-to-do-in-the-case-of-constipation


When you have to travel somewhere, the last thing you think of is your digestive system. Many people try diets that include a large amount of fiber, so during their trips, they eat foods that are not used to, which can lead to changes in the work of the digestive system. The best solution is to eat foods that contain enough fiber. When changing location, it is best to eat cereals that contain fiber for breakfast.


Very often, stress can be the major cause for your constipation. The nervous system plays a complex role in the health of your gastrointestinal system. Stress or lack of sleep can affect the nervous system. Therefore, if you manage your stress, you will also solve this issue.

Physical activity

It is common for people who stop exercising to face a problem with hard stool. The change which happens to the body can affect its system and the way your body processes food. Undoubtedly, you already know that exercise is good for many reasons, and this is one more.


Although many women have issues with hard stool early in pregnancy, some of them suffer from the same problem until the end. A lot of changes in the hormone levels occur during the pregnancy, and women are more susceptible to stress. If you avoid fatty foods like pizza with lots of cheese, or ice cream, it will make you feel more comfortable during your pregnancy.


If you have had a surgery recently or you regularly receive such drugs -- perhaps that is the primary reason that caused constipation. Opium and other drugs also affect the stool, of course negatively. If you have this problem, talk to your doctor who will prescribe medications that will help with your stool.


Water is essential for optimal health, and that is why it is on this list! The most interesting part is that it is not normal hydration, but what matters is the relationship that the water creates with the significant and nutrient fiber. If getting enough fiber and not enough water, it can lead to constipation.

Thyroid gland

Check whether your thyroid gland is functioning normally. Sometimes hypothyroidism can be the reason for constipation. It is a condition where the thyroid gland does not function properly -- which can lead to problems in the stool. When the thyroid functions normally, it produces hormones that are associated with many processes in your body, including the digestive system. When your body lacks these vital hormones, there is a major risk of constipation.

Chronic disease

If your constipation is associated with pain, immediately see a doctor. They may diagnose a digestive system disorder, which may include the predominance of diarrhea or constipation. This condition can lead to chronic periods in which your normal stool would be disrupted.

Eat healthy, drink lots of water, and consume at least 25 grams of fiber (apples and beans, broccoli and dark leafy vegetables).


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