Here Is What is Causing Your Eyelid Twitch

Eye twitching is common and almost everyone has experienced

Usually it appears and stops very quickly, but sometimes spasms tend to persist and are really an uncomfortable experience. The most common reasons for eye twitching are:

  • stress (the body reacts differently to stress, and sometimes results in spasms of the eyelids)
  • fatigue (if you get enough sleep and rest, it may stop)
  • big eye effort (if you need glasses or diopter increase, the stress experienced by the eye is a major effort that causes spasms of the muscles in the area of the eyes)
  • the amount of caffeine and alcohol in the body (intake of high doses of caffeine and alcohol in the body can, but not always, result in eye twitching)
  • dry eyes (especially noticeable phenomenon in the elderly, those who are too long before radiating devices, for instance, computers, and among people who consume antibiotics or antidepressants)
  • Lack of magnesium in the diet (dietary imbalance, especially in minerals may frequently cause this irritating phenomenon)
  • Allergies (especially ocular allergies associated with itching, swelling and tearing. Then the level of histamine released is higher and it causes a flutter of the eye muscle)

Besides these, there are really serious causes such as neurological problems, like blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm. These are disorders that rarely occur, but if they do, they require medical examination and medical assistance to remove the problem with the vibration in the eyelids.

If it lasts longer, modern medicine often treats this problem with injection of Botox in the area of the eyes.


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