Here is How To Prevent And Remove Age Spots Naturally

Age usually goes hand in hand with a number of health problems, and some cosmetic ones, including age spots. They usually appear after 40 years of age, usually on the face and on the hands, rarely on the neck, shoulders and other parts of the skin. Age spots are a kind of skin

They appear due to the retention of toxins. Age spots represent excessive accumulation of melanin in skin cells. They usually are in only one tone (without shades) -- gray, brown or light beige. They have correct and clear lines and are ordinary when you touch them, without changing the usual condition of the skin.

Do not confuse age spots with melanoma (skin cancer). In these cases, the spots are with shades and are vaguely outlined.

Blemishes -- removal and prevention

The removal of blemishes is difficult, but not impossible. There are whitening creams that can shed light to these blemishes, as well as procedures with intense light pulses, in order to confuse the accumulation of melanin. Mesotherapy, chemical peels and cryotherapy are also options for removing blemishes.

It is considered that the most effective method to combat them is cosmetic surgery. But to not resort to it, better take preventive measures against the appearance of blemishes.

Reduce exposure to sunlight. Excessive sun exposure in the youth can have a negative impact on the skin in older years. Sun is the biggest culprit for the accelerated emergence of more and more blemishes on the skin. It is therefore important to use a protective factor, not only on the beach under the umbrella, but through all the sunny days of the year (especially in sunny and snowy weather in the mountains, where the sun is very strong).

Moisturize your skin daily and also use face masks for your skin care.

Drink plenty of water, take more antioxidants (especially beta-carotene, which helps against the sunlight effects on the skin) and vitamin C.


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