Here Is How to Lose Weight and Belly Fat with Ginger

Ginger is a spicy root with a pleasant flavor. Today, it finds great application in the world of alternative healing, because it provides a large number of health benefits, including its ability to melt excess pounds and abdominal fat.

Ginger and weight loss – Clinical trials and Studies

According to Ayurvedic practitioners, regular consumption of ginger root can help you maintain healthy weight, and even science has backed up this fact.

According to a 2014 study published in the Journal of the Science and Food of Agriculture, gingerol, the active compound in ginger, triggered a significant weight loss in overweight rats within 30 days. The lab animals also marked improvement in their blood sugar and leptin levels.

Leptin makes you feel full after your meals, and has an important role in the entire weight loss process. The researchers also revealed that ginger supplementation suppresses obesity in individuals who do high-fat diet. This could be a successful therapy in the treatment of obesity related problems.

As shown in another similar study published in 2013, in the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, ginger supplementation does the same thing to rats as Orlistat, the popular weight-loss drug. Moreover, ginger causes great improvement in cholesterol levels, and good, or HDL cholesterol goes up from its baseline level.

Ginger has the capacity to keep you full and enhances digestion. In other words, it has a huge impact on your struggle with those extra pounds.

Ginger and abdominal fat

Not only ginger keeps your weight under control, it also keeps your belly looking nice and flat. Its compounds target the main triggers of abdominal fat, including overeating, hormonal imbalance, poor energy and insufficient physical activity

It keeps you full, so ginger and ginger water cut down your urge to stuff yourself with food.

Hormonal imbalance and chronic stress cause cortisol levels go up and down, and this causes a general chaos that mostly affects immunity and metabolism. A 2004 article from the Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, ginger suppresses the secretion of cortisol.

High cortisol levels lead to weight gain, so it is pretty hard to get rid of abdominal fat.

Consume ginger regularly and bring your organism back to normal. This will lead to general well-being and healthy weight loss process. Ginger will boost your energy naturally, and you will feel good both mentally and physically.

Ginger and weight loss

Here are some handy tips on how to use ginger in service of your health and weight loss.

Chew a thin slice of ginger before your meals to regulate your metabolism, enhance digestion, reduce cortisol and boost energy.

Combine a tiny bit of grated ginger, a squeeze of lemon juice and a dash of salt. Take a few pinches of this mixture before your meals to regulate your appetite and stimulate digestion.

Make a cup of nice ginger lemon tea. Lemons have shown to stimulate weight loss as well.

You can use ginger in cooking as well. It is an excellent spice with even greater flavor that does not have to be ‘hidden.’

Do an online research, and look for healthy recipes that will help you win the battle against your pounds.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is another excellent way to introduce the root to your diet. For optimal results, drink it 2-3 times a day. It is super tasty and easy to make.

Grate an inch of fresh ginger or use a teaspoon of ginger powder. Add it to a heat-tolerant glass that fits about 2 cups of liquid.

Pour over some boiling water.

Let your tea steep for 10 minutes.

Strain and stir in 1-2 teaspoons of organic honey and some lemon juice for a citrusy hint. Honey and lemon have great powers, and they both make ginger tea even better.

You can use Matcha tea instead of water. In this way you will burn fat 4 times faster.

Health benefits

In addition to its aforementioned ability to aid in weight loss, ginger also reduces inflammation, nausea, vomiting, and it destroys abnormal cancer cells. Use it to make your own detox drink. It works well in traditional remedies for many ailments.

Ginger powder remains good for several months. Of course, you have to make sure to keep it in airtight containers and store them in a dark and cool place. Keep your fresh ginger in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. Freeze any remains of the root to prolong its lifespan, and you can use it within half a year.


Although it is one of the greatest spice to use, both in cooking and supplementing, ginger is not recommended to everyone. Several of people should avoid ginger as it can interact with pharmaceutical remedies and can make certain health conditions even worse.

Source: Healthy Food House  Health And Healthy Living


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