Here Is How To Learn To Read Your Body Language

The mind and body are never separated, they function together as a whole. At least that is what Buddhism claims- 50% of your mood and state of mind depend on the way your body

here-is-how-to-learn-to-read-your-body-languageIt is one of those emotions that we feel, at times as “butterflies” that indicate some internal excitement, or as a lump in the throat when we are upset.

Our language can illustrate these emotions, but what about our bodies? We often ignore our body language.

There are places in the body where emotions that are trying to suppress, hide or ignore are “stored”.

And while most of the emotions could be identified by certain physical features and performance, prolonged emotional tension and bad mood may result in the emergence of chronic diseases or chronic pain.

This image illustrates which body parts are associated with certain emotions and life situations.


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