Here Is How To Get Rid Of The Headache In Only Three Minutes

From personal experience we are all familiar with headaches, so this advice will not leave you indifferent…here-is-how-to-get-rid-of-the-headache-in-only-three-minutes

Head massage –improves blood flow in problem areas and relieves stress.

In addition, a method that will help you more than tablets:

Towel massage – it is an effective way to influence blood circulation in the head and neck that helps in removing the pain. Moreover, massaging the head is a very pleasant procedure.

How to massage the head with a towel:

Choose your towel -- not very thick. Wrap into fairly solid roller, using a spiral motion. Press the towel well on the nape.

Hold it tight with both hands. Move the towel on the head, neck and shoulders. Do this rhythmically, gradually unwrapping the towel for the massage to be sufficiently intense. This should last 3- 5 minutes, these stimulations will be enough to ease the pain.

If this does not help, pause for 10 minutes and repeat the massage.

The most common causes of headaches are cramps.

This spiral towel massage relaxes the head area and the neck, eliminates cramps and positively affects on clenched vertebrae in the neck.

In severe headaches, it would be effective to combine it with additional therapy:

Drink a cup of mint tea that has a calming effect on blood vessels. The pain will quickly disappear.


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