Here Is How Rose Petals Strengthen The Heart And Nerves

The rose is not called the queen of flowers by case. It was admired by the ancient Phoenicians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. It meant love, happiness and protection to them, and this almost never changed until present rose not only captures with the beauty, but it is also healing. It is loaded with A, C, B3, D and E vitamins, while petals are rich in essential oils, tannins, sugar, citric and tartaric acid, as well as many other aromatic ingredients. Its smell improves the mood, and the ingredients in its petals strengthen the heart and nerves.

Tea from rose petals purifies the blood and calms. Rose helps in the treatment of sore throat, rheumatism, jaundice, cleaning the liver, dizziness, headache, and renovates the intestinal flora after antibiotic treatment. Rose blossoms reduce menstrual discomfort, especially if menstruation is ample. Besides tea, the syrup of rose petals is also effective.

After picking and cleaning of insects and other parts of herbs, petals are dried in a warm, dry and dark place. Drying lasts up to a week, depending on the humidity. To maintain their freshness, quality and aroma, they should be kept in closed containers in a dry and dark place.

It is certainly not recommended for pregnant women without consulting a doctor, and in case of problems with kidney stones and gallbladder. In particularly sensitive individuals it can also cause unwanted effects, breathing problems, heartburn and nausea. If such a thing happens, you should stop with the consumption of this tea.

Rose essential oil
It is extremely present in cosmetic products and perfumes. The essential oil is excellent care for face and body, especially for sensitive and dry skin. It was revealed that prevents its aging. It is costly and appreciated, so they call it the Queen of essential oils. Its production requires a lot of work and a huge amount of petals, even around 3000 kg per liter oil. But on the other side, because of the exceptional concentration, a small amount is sufficient in aromatherapy or production of perfumes. Rose oil is a good antidepressant and aphrodisiac.

Rose water
Rosewater is obtained by steam distillation of the rose, and is extremely effective against acne on the face, and possesses a soothing and antiseptic property. Rose water bath helps with rheumatism, and achieves an exceptional relaxing effect.

Aromatic drinks
The syrup is prepared so that two hands full of petals are poured with half a liter of boiling water and left for 24 hours. Then, they are strained, and the liquid is boiled with 250 grams of sugar. Then, lemon juice is added and boiled for another five minutes. This serum is especially recommended in diseases of the airways, and for the effect to be even better, one should drink two to four tablespoons of it a day.
The tea is prepared so that two tablespoons of dried and crushed petals are poured with 3dl boiling water. Cover the contents and let it stand for five to ten minutes, and then it is strained and drank.  For best results, gather the petals with a stronger odor and not too dried. You can also honey or other sweeteners to taste. It is delicious and can be served with biscuits and jam.


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