Here Is How Ginger Affects Your Body Better Than Most Drugs

Ginger is a root originating from India. It is used in medical purposed for more than 5000

Today it is grown not only in India and Japan, but also in America. It contains 0.25 to three percent essential oil and five to eight percent gingerols – a thick oily liquid with a pungent taste and no odor.

It has beneficial effects on metabolism in patients suffering from diabetes and is used to prevent blood clotting and inflammation.

It is used mainly in fresh form, and ground to a powder. What is excellent is that the fresh and the thermally processed ginger have completely identical properties.  You may not know that in many countries it has traditionally been used to treat hair, most often to reduce dandruff.

If you suffer from discomfort when traveling, and the smallest mileage creates nausea, ginger is again your solution.

Research conducted on Brigham Young University found that ginger acts on the body better than more nausea medications.


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