Good To Know – Effective And Naturally Remove Bruises In Just 24 Hours

You get injured, and your body is prone to bruising, which are created for a second. No matter how much you try not to cause their appearance, they keep occurring spontaneously.good-to-know-effective-and-naturally-remove-bruises-in-just-24-hours

Notice how the number of bruises is increasing day by day. They last for days and change color -- from blue to yellow and purple. Whether they are small or large, it irrelevant, writes: “”.

Given that you cannot change your skin and the way it works, here are some tips on how to reduce bruises that last for a week in just one day.

As soon as you get injured, place a regular cold compress on the sore place, at intervals of five minutes to avoid freezing of the tissue. The ice does not diminish the pain, but it slows the flow of blood through the lymph and blood vessels and prevents hematoma / bruising.

After you calm the bruise down with the cold compress, it would be desirable to restrain the bruise with marigold cream or any other cream that removes hematoma. Cabbage leaf will serve as an excellent bet, which relieves pain and reduces swelling. Wrap the gauze where bruises are and hold for two hours, then remove the compress.

In the same way you can apply parsley, only previously you should cut it well and blend it. You can boil the potatoes, then peel them and make a puree, add a little honey and plain water and place it on the injured area. Let it stand for 15 minutes. Repeat the treatment 2-3 times during the day.

Onions are great for bruises, because they have anti-inflammatory effect. As with cabbage, chop the onion and apply it to the place of the injury.

Cotton soaked in vinegar is also a good bet for elimination of bruises, because it improves circulation.


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