Figs And Olive Oil – Powerful Remedy To Treat Stomach Bacteria

Bacteria in the stomach are common occurrence nowadays and seek long and tough treatment. Fortunately, there is a safe cure for this problem that is derived naturally. Figs in olive oil are the best remedy against bacteria in the stomach.figs-and-olive-oil-powerful-remedy-to-treat-stomach-bacteria

Put dried figs in a jar and pour homemade virgin olive oil on them. Figs can be cut into 4 pieces.

They should be soaked for 40 days at least. After this period, eat a fig every morning on an empty stomach.

If you cannot wait, make two such jars, and start to consume from one of them after 7 days.

For a better and more effective treatment, you should agree your diet with the treatment. Eat only gently boiled food without too much spices, especially hot ones. Do not eat sour and avoid fat meat, especially meat products. Cook your meals with a virgin olive oil.

Olive oil and figs are very important guardians of your health.

According to some personal experiences and examples, the combination of olive oil and figs treats infertility, hemorrhoids, intestinal disorders, constipation, bronchitis and asthma as well.


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