Fall Asleep 10 Times Faster With This 5-Minute Stretch

Cannot sleep at night? Yoga can solve all your problems. According to a study conducted at Harvard, participants who did yoga for eight weeks in a row slept much better than the rest of them who did not.fall-asleep-10-times-faster-with-this-5-minute-stretch

Well, if you have no free time to include yoga to your daily schedule, we have some good news for you – a single pose can save your time. Have you ever heard of Legs-Up-The-Wall? Or Viparita Karani, if you prefer it better.

Asana is the restorative, mild inversion, and it is usually performed at the end of every yoga class. But, you can do it on its own and set your body into a relaxing mode. Once you have relaxed your body, you can relax your mind, and get a proper sleep. Do this pose every evening before you go to bed or in the middle of the night, if you have trouble sleeping.

Add in proper breathing techniques and you will be amazed with the effect. This pose is excellent for both beginners and experts.


Sit sideways, and make sure your right side is against the wall. Breathe out and slowly swing your legs up the wall. Keep your shoulders and head down onto the floor. It may take a while before you master this pose.

It is not necessary that your sitting bones are set right against the wall, because this depends largely on the tightness of your hamstrings. Experiment and modify the pose until you reach the placement that fits best for you.

The back of your legs are not the target of this pose. This means, if you feel like you are doing it too hard, move a bit farther from the wall. Stick your lower back onto the floor. You can roll a hand towel and place it under your neck, just in case your cervical spine at your lower neck is too flat.

Wide open your shoulder blades away from the spine. Set your hands and arms out to the sides, and keep your palms facing up.

Source: Family Health Freedom Network


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