Every Morning, Drink A Glass Of Hot Water On An Empty Stomach, And Here’s Why

We all have our very own morning ritual, at least when it comes to morning drinks. Some of you like their cup of hot coffee, while others cannot stand the caffeine stress that early and opt for herbal teas.every-morning-drink-a-glass-of-hot-water-on-an-empty-stomach-and-heres-why

If you are modest enough to drink plain water, it is always ice cold, right? Well, Ayurveda says you are doing it wrong. Instead of dumping a few ice cubes in your glass of water, have your water slightly warmed through. If you do it in the morning, you give your body a nice kick-start for the day ahead.

This will also enhance your digestion, and stimulate a healthy detox process.

Six reasons to start your day with warm water

1. Detoxify your vitals and tissues
A single cup of warm water will stimulate your body’s ability to cleanse itself. Herbal teas and fresh juices along with water improve the function of your digestive tract.

Next time you reach for a glass of ice cold water, remember that warm liquids are better for your digestion.

2. Boost your metabolism
If stomach ache is your best friend, consider drinking a glass of warm water in the morning, before you eat or drink anything. This will improve your body functions, and you will solve any issues associated with improper metabolism.

3. Relieve pain
Warm water is the best solution for stubborn menstrual cramps. It soothes abdominal muscles and relieves pain. Keep in mind that warm water helps in reducing cramping in general as well. How does it work? The heat enhances the circulation in your capillaries and relieves muscle tension.

4. Lose weight naturally
Warm water increases your body temperature, and thus stimulates your metabolism. How is this great for you? Your body can burn more calories, and your kidneys will be more than thankful as well. The same applies to every excretion organ.

5. Stimulate circulation
It flushes out waste material and toxins, which brings your blood circulation to a higher level.

6. Postpone aging symptoms
Ladies will love this one. Premature aging signs and saggy skin is the last thing you need to see in the mirror. Toxic buildups make your tissues age faster, and as we already said, warm water enhances natural detoxification. It works well for your elasticity, too. Say ‘goodbye’ to dull and wrinkled skin.

Hopefully, these six reasons were enough for you to implement warm water in your daily routine. Remember, you should always drink it in the morning. Share this useful information with others, and who knows, you may become someone’s health guru.

Source: Healthy Food House


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