Elixir Of Health: Marigold Jelly

Marigold jelly is best taken in the morning on an empty stomach, and you can mix it with green tea if you want to clear the body of toxins that are collected during the winter days. It is marvelous against asthma and bronchitis, if you take two full tablespoons each morning on an empty stomach.elixir-of-health-marigold-jelly

Apart from flooding and decorating meadows and gardens in spring, marigold has superb healing properties. It is extremely easy to find all around you, but if you use it for tea, for jelly or you use its leaves in a salad, pick it away from roads. All its parts are full of vitamins, and its flowers are harvested in April and in May. The root should be removed in early spring or early fall.

It contains plenty of zinc, flavonoids, vitamin B, sterols, tannins, potassium, while the leaves are rich in iron and vitamin C. The tea prepared from the root of the marigold is effective for the liver, and this beneficial herb is also used for the preparation of a tasty jelly.

* Pick 300 to 400 yellow flowers, pour cold water over them and let them stay thus for 24 hours. The next day, drain them well and add half liter hot boiled water, and boil 20 minutes. Add 1 kg of sugar, two finely sliced ​​lemons (you can use unpeeled ones if you have washed them well) and a spoonful of Citric acid crystals ( E330) and cook another five minutes more. When the jelly gets the color of honey, remove from the stove, wait to cool and strain through gauze. Cook thus for two minutes more and put it into clean jars.

Marigold jelly provides its best effects when consumed in the morning on an empty stomach. For body detoxification of harmful substances collected during the winter days, mix it with green tea.  It is excellent against asthma and bronchitis, if you take two full tablespoons each morning on an empty stomach.


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